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On the Horizon: True Ag Diversity

Have you ever been on a bus tour anywhere? I’ve been on several of them now and have completely enjoyed my experiences. While most bus tours are all about just seeing what’s to see, the ones I’ve been on this past year have been about not only seeing what’s to see but also about learning how to be an agritourism destination. We’ve learned all sorts of things like insurance, taxes, etc., but one of the most important lessons they’ve learned is simply how to.

All the people who have been on the bus with me have either been owners of agritourism destinations or people who want to become one. Many of them have been on most of the tours with me and I’ve really come to like these people. They are hard working, honest people and will tell you exactly what they think. And they always get ideas to take back home and try out at their places.

In this week’s video blog, meet some of these fantastic people and see some of the places we went on the most recent rolling bus workshop to South Central Oklahoma.

Alisa Hines