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Baby Think it Over

One of my favorite teachers while in high school was my Family and Consumer Sciences instructor. I took the class because of this teacher and I was fortunate to learn a lot from her. Her classes focused on things that you need to know in the real world like balancing a check book and interviewing skills but one experience that has stuck with me throughout the years was the night I had to take care of an electronic baby.

I wasn’t too concerned about this assignment because let’s be honest, how bad can taking care of a doll be? To answer that question, it’s hard. This electronic baby cried and it sounded like a real baby. It interrupted my sleep schedule and kept me up all night. It often needs to be fed and when it would eat it would soon need a diaper change. This baby was as close as a real baby could get and I think it did the trick in making me want to wait a LONG TIME before wanting to have kids of my own.

I recently got to visit a Family and Consumer Science class where students were participating in the same Baby Think it Over program that I had experienced while in high school and in this week’s video blog, we visit with the teacher and see how she is getting her students to “Think it Over” before wanting a baby.
Kela Kelln