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Boundary Education (Part 3): The Running Game – Draw Play, Quaterback Sneak and The Option

Quarterback Sneak

Football season is almost over.

Each year the Main Football Curtain comes to a close with Superbowl Sunday, and that’s not too far down the road.  Therefore, I thought I would bring back a series I began last summer on “Boundary Education” using football metaphors.  It’s time for Lesson #3.  If you love football, feel you might need to learn a bit more about setting personal boundaries or learning how to utilize boundaries for the health of a couple relationship, begin your reading here:

Boundary Education for Football Fans: The Flea Flicker and Four Other Strategic Plays for Relational Competence.  And, here…

Knowing When to Take a Knee:  Boundary Lessons (Part Deaux)

Now – if you’ve already reviewed Lessons One and Two, then you probably recall the scenario we’re using to set up all our boundary setting skill practices.  To summarize and briefly set the scene, you’re at a company picnic and see the one person you always try to avoid, setting up their “camp” next to your site…

Just as you are thinking strongly about whether or not to fold the blanket back up and look for another spot, you hear your co-worker approaching you and the first thing that they say is, “Wow…here we are…at a family picnic!  Games for the kids, a little pool area, prizes for the tricycle race – what a set up.  Our kids can’t wait to get started.  So, when are you two going to get crackin’ and have your first baby?”

So, we’ve already demonstrated how you might “punt” in terms of responding to your problem colleague, and we also worked through what “taking a knee” might look like.  Now, it’s time to step it up a little.  It’s time to move past the neutral responses and begin learning how to make progress.  I’ll show you three different ways you could consider:

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