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Chickasaw Country…

I’ve been talking with the folks at Chickasaw Country and the Chickasaw.TV folks and just want you to know they’ve been working especially hard on making sure you know about all the possibilities for travel, entertainment and culture around the central, south and southeast areas of Oklahoma.

Check out their website and explore all the amazing opportunities right here in our beautiful state.

And finally (well, for now anyway…), I’d like to introduce you to a friend of mine.  Her name is Brooke Clay and her job is to write about all the unique opportunities within the scope of what she does in and around Chickasaw Country.  Brooke will be creating entries periodically about all things Chickasaw and I would encourage you to check in from time to time and see what she’s been up to…or eating, or listening to…or something!  Thanks, too, to Lauren Keeley with Chickasaw TV for all the effort she and other team members have made in creating these beautiful pieces.  They’re the folks who featured the Chincie Ross piece we covered a few weeks ago.

Have a great Thursday,


Code Talkers, Chickasaws and a TV Appearance

She calls me Miss Blabby.

I played a character in a Ladie’s Tea skit in junior high and she STILL calls me by that name. And, I love it…because I love her. And right now I have a lump in my throat the size of a basketball.

Why? I just saw my dear friend on a short video for the Chickasaw Nation. She had helped with the Code Talkers project during WWII. Close to 100 years of age now, her mind is still sharp. And she was right there on my TV screen telling some of her story.

Chincie Ross Chickasaw Elder

That video is probably just two minutes long, but commands such respect.  And I’m so glad I have Chincie as a role model.

On February 13th, I’ll be making my first TV appearance on “Oklahoma Live” to talk about the Red Dirt Chronicles, some of the projects our contributors are working on, and answer questions about the blog.  I’m slightly nervous about this opportunity.

But maybe not as much as I was before I just saw Chincie.  If she can make that beautiful video over something so historic, I should at least be able to sit with a hostess and talk shop for a few minutes.

Thank you, Chincie, for showing me the way right when I needed it.

And, bless you Code Talkers, for helping our nation at such a critical time.




Silent Sundays: 10/3/2010

"Chickasaw Renaissance" by Phillip Carroll Morgan. Introduction by Bill Anoatubby, Chickasaw Nation Governor. This book was one of three titles revealed at the Chickasaw Annual Meeting and Festival held Oct. 2nd. Click photo for more information.
Saturday morning, October 2nd: Alice Woodrome took this photo of a mother wolf spider with hundreds of new babies on her back. Alice is a gardner in NW OKC. The wolf spider resides there with her other flowers.

This OSU Cowboy fan didn't give her arm for a win, she used her leg! Caught up in the hoopla of the crazy OSU v A&M Thursday night contest, this good natured fan took her prosthetic leg off and waved it around, cheering all the while. You gotta love the football fans in Oklahoma! - Photo by Jani Hays.
The weather broke in Oklahoma, and Wednesday morning, Sept. 29th I drove by pasture land after pasture land, all with farm ponds and fog rising from the surface. Beautiful! - Photo by Red Dirt Kelly
That same night, we were treated to another Big Sky show. Hey, Fall, welcome to Oklahoma! - Photo by Red Dirt Kelly
You didn't think we were gonna finish Silent Sunday without a Red River Rivalry shot, did you? Click photo to visit CrimsonAndCream blog for OU/Texas slideshow...