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On the Horizon: High Tech High School

I remember high school to be all about chalk boards, books, paper, and pencils…number 2 to be exact. But nowadays, high schools are looking a little bit different. Now when you walk in you might see monitors on the walls advertising for the upcoming pep rally before the Friday night game or what’s new in the cafeteria. Or walk into the library and its more computer lab than books. Changes that have all been made thanks, in great part, to modern technology.

With the invention of smart phones (which are just miniature computers), finding information is quick and easy. Teachers are beginning to value the technology students bring to school with them every day. Instead of getting out the big, heavy reference books, the teachers will just say, “take out your smart phone and look up ???” And the students love it.

In this week’s vlog, we step into Durant High School and see how technology is taking over as a valuable resource.
Alisa Hines