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Knocking on the Locked Door of Brett Favre’s Mind: A Reprise

Thor, defeated.

Editor’s Note:  Our sports writer and editor, Rob Loeber, is – as you read this – moving from Tennessee back to Oklahoma.  In order to manage the move, he’s taking the day off.  In his place, Mark “The Howard” Hinderliter, has stepped up and shared his ongoing struggle…or perhaps resolution…about Brett Farve, the Vikings, and  – um, – Sheb Wooley.  Enjoy~ RDK


*Disclaimer: All facts reported in this article may only be facts to me and could have nothing at all to do with actual history.

Wow.  I could probably just stop right there since the Vikings season of drama has been so well-documented.

We can always count on the Dallas Cowboys for an annual football soap opera but the Vikings have stolen the mantel of all football drama queens this year.  And remember, I’m a Vikings fan!  Well, okay…you’ll have to go back and read the first article I wrote on the inner workings of Brett Favre’s mind to understand my team allegiances.

Which reminds me – it’s probably time to explain how an Oklahoma boy became a Vikings fan.  Previously I blamed Sheb Wooley; a cowboy actor from the 40’s, 50’s, 60’s, (somewhere along that time period).  He also was known to be a singer.  And he is in my family tree, according to my Father.  So we’re 10th cousins twice removed or something like that.  Whatever that means.

A family tree headstone of Sheb Wooley. Notice the different spellings? A common occurrence during that era.

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