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Bud Manning, the “Wood Chip” Man

When Mick pulled into the garage on Saturday afternoon, the whole space immediately filled up with the beautiful smell of freshly chipped cedar mulch.  It was slightly damp, which was making the aroma stronger.  I think I walked into the garage three or four times that evening just to sniff the air.  Mick had made three trips to pick up free mulch that day, and had evidently talked to “the mulch guy” during each trip.

We don't think the sign has changed since we first saw it: "FREE WOOD CHIPS 341-9120"

We built our house in the cross-timbers of far NE Edmond about eight years ago.  The territory out here is more spread out; a former farming community taken over by suburbanism.  But a few farms remain among the housing developments and one of them belongs to Bud Manning.  He lives on the NE corner of Sorghum Mill and Midwest Boulevard, just north of the Christmas Tree and Blackberry Farm.

According to Bud, “a few years back, some company was out here buildin’ or somethin’ and they were grindin’ trees on the properties.  They wanted a place to dump the wood chips Continue reading Bud Manning, the “Wood Chip” Man