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On the Horizon: A Real Go-Getter!

Recently I spent a day with a young person who I greatly respect after following her around for the day. She is a straight “A” student and has been all her life but not only is she smart, she is athletic as well. It was fun to watch her with her classes because she enjoys them so much. From a class in graphic communications which she plans on making her career to an AP Literature class, Kelsey completely absorbs herself in whatever it is she is doing.

Now her athletic abilities have D-1 schools clamoring after her to come to their school. But she is quick to tell them “My career is going to be in graphic communications do you have that at your school?” She is completely focused in the right area of her life. I’m so impressed that she doesn’t let the attraction of so many schools wanting her go to her head.

In this week’s video blog, you can see how much enthusiasm Kelsey McClure has and the determination to make her future count.
Alisa Hines