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On the Horizon: Hee Haw–A New Appreciation

Maybe I was just too young to fully appreciate some of the finer aspects of the long running show Hee Haw, but in working on this week’s story I noticed something for the first time. The women on the show called the “Hee Haw Honey’s” are as we would have said in high school… Stone Cold Foxes.

I promise this week’s video blog is much more than me leering at girls in daisy duke shorts and bandana tops, but I have to admit they sure made this week’s segment a lot of fun to put together. Salute!

Rob McClendon

Friday Morning Shoutout 10/8/10: The Oklahoma Historical Society & History Center


Oklahoma History Center (OHC) at Night - images provided by the OHC


One of the more recent precious jewels in Oklahoma’s crown has been the addition of the Oklahoma History Center, supported by the continued development and dedication of the Oklahoma Historical Society and their community stakeholders.

Last night I spent 30 minutes exploring their website.  The first five minutes were used to review their current and upcoming events for October; I got overwhelmed…so much to do, so many choices!  Then a blog hyperlink caught my eye.  Well, I was “done for” at that point.  I read three or four posts.  Okay I read five, commented on all of them like an overzealous cheerleader, then told myself “Stop! It will be there tomorrow, and even the next day!”

I do hope you’ll visit their facility very soon, either to look through their exhibits or attend an event held in the beautiful building.  And, if you ever have a chance to hear Director Dr. Bob Blackburn speak, my recommendation would be to drop your other calendared commitments and choose him.  The guy knows his stuff, he’s really approachable and is a true teacher and scholar.  Maybe I should have just written this shout out for him…yea, Dr. Blackburn!


"Tipi With Battle Pictures" - OHC Blog Photo, Authored by Matt Reed


However, there is much more than Dr. Blackburn’s speaking to enjoy.  October is “Family History Month,” with new events, contests and news being posted every day. Check out their events calendar by clicking here.

The Center, the Society and all those involved who helped build what we now enjoy are to be commended…and for your efforts, you ALL get our RDC Friday Morning Shout Out.

Thanks for the good work, Red Dirt Kelly


"Winnie Mae" Atrium at the OHC - Photo provided by the OHC