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On the Horizon: Drum Corps Living

Music has always been a part of my life. From piano lessons when I was little to marching and concert band in high school to church praise band as an adult, I’ve always played an instrument. And I liked it!

While in high school, I had the opportunity to go and see a drum and bugle corps but unfortunately, I didn’t take that opportunity. I’ve always regretted it. But this year, I got to live vicariously through my nephew. He is a fantastic trumpet player and incredibly talented. And when he had the chance to see a drum and bugle corps, he took it and ran with it. Not only did he see one, he tried out for one and got in.

For one day this Summer, his drum and bugle corps was in Oklahoma and when I had the chance to follow him around, I took it! It was a really enjoyable day and the 150 kids involved in the corps were amazing! In 104 degree heat, you never heard a complaint. They got out on the field and played their hearts out. In this week’s video blog, see what these kids go through each day for months and the dedication each and every one exhibit. Hope you enjoy it as much as I did!
Alisa Hines