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RDC Editorial: Whatever is Good, True & Beautiful

As acting editor of the Red Dirt Chronicles, I try to fly relatively under the radar when it comes to taking some sort of stance about issues in my community or in in our state through a written post.  That’s because this venue isn’t about waving the issues flag.  It’s about serving as an incubator for contributors who have a connection to the State of Oklahoma in order to highlight the regional culture.  The “Red Dirt” nuances that run through our veins, if you will.  In fact, I recently had a conversation with one of our contributors where he talked about a discussion in which he was involved; a discussion over the notions of that which is Good, True and Beautiful.  Those concepts, I believe, are like guidance beacons for what it is we do.  And while I’m certain that not all Red Dirt Culture is positive, shiny and includes a happy ending tagged on the end like a pretty bow, I assure you: our work will never intentionally be deployed to play up shock value or to harm those already hurting.

This was not the case last night, however, in a report filed during the 10:00 p.m. news hour by KFOR (Channel 4 in Oklahoma City).  Continue reading RDC Editorial: Whatever is Good, True & Beautiful