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Red Dirt Rambler: Erick, Oklahoma

The sky was reluctantly giving up the last sprinkles of moisture when I saw the “Erick” exit, veered off the interstate and headed south.  I was amusing myself with a “see how long I can go before turning on my windshield wipers because I’m just so glad it’s raining” game when I gave up and cleared my view.  I was glad I activated the wipers because I almost missed the local humor:

A “dryline” is a term used to describe the formation of a moisture boundary between warm, dry air and warm, moist air; it’s one type of weather front. In the Central Plains of the United States, dryline formation often leads to the formation of severe thunderstorms and the potential for tornadogenesis.  (Information from About.Com)

In other words, the western Okies are not only weather savvy, but they’ve probably seen their share of tornadoes and decided to joke about living in the ying-yang vortex of atmospheric possibility.

“Touche’,” I thought.  Little did I know that the artistic expression around Erick, Oklahoma had only just begun to reveal itself.

Not a mile further down the road, I spied what I can only describe as a Twister-esque image of farm-life, sculpture and practicality. Continue reading Red Dirt Rambler: Erick, Oklahoma