On the Horizon: Deadly Decision

Balancing my job as a broadcast journalist and my career as a rodeo cowgirl can be challenging to say the least. Two different worlds that, on certain occasions, I get to combine and produce a story that is close to my heart in more ways than one.

The deadly equine herpes virus has been a hot topic in our arena at home and has the broadcast world buzzing. Should we stay or should we go? That was the main question plaguing me as a horse owner and last week I got to turn the camera on some of my closest rodeo friends and let their voices be heard.

A virus of this magnitude could potentially end our horses lives and our careers. However, after talking to the experts, we learned the nitty gritty details and got a glimpse through the eyes of horse owners all across Oklahoma as they gear up to protect their horses in several different ways.

Courtenay Dehoff


On the Horizon: Deadly Decision from Alisa Hines on Vimeo.



2 thoughts on “On the Horizon: Deadly Decision”

  1. The interview was very professional and informative. You are an asset to the broadcasting world Court!

  2. Courtenay, I really appreciated your report and know that there are probably many smaller-level or casual horse owners who need to know about this outbreak, and how to avoid their own horses contracting the virus. I especially appreciated the information on how much the equine industry means to our state. This is important information when the country is going through such an economic strain. – RDK

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