On the Horizon: What happens next?

Hot, dry. Hot, dry. Hot, dry. It’s the same day after day and has been all Summer. Now they’re saying the La Nina that we thought was gone is coming back. Which means warmer than normal temperatures and dry weather will continue. Now normally headed into Winter, I’d be really happy with that but not this year. We are desperate for rain in much of the state so a wet Winter would have been a blessing. Now that blessing will take a miracle. And what climatologist are saying it will take to break the drought is something like a really bad hurricane.

You know, it’s really a shame when you have to pray for one natural disaster to help break another natural disaster but that’s what I’m doing. And the sooner the better because the results of this drought are adding up. See how in this week’s video blog.

Alisa Hines


On the Horizon: What Happens Next? from Alisa Hines on Vimeo.



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  1. I’m so glad I’m not the one who had to read the phrase: “…sweltering, triple-digit temperatures.” I could say it five time and still not get it right.

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