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Why Thursday Evening Shout Outs and Kleenex Boxes Go Together

He’s professional without being uncomfortable.  He’s nice.  He’s creative and has a keen interest in helping reveal the beauty of life within his subjects.  In an attempt to reduce a personality and business of positive complexities into a cohesive concept, his website reads:

“There are two things you need to know about me. I enjoy life and I believe in creating images that make you feel something.”

Carl Zoch went into full-time photography business only a few short years ago.  He and his wife had to talk about it.  And think about it. And part of those discussions were about Carl’s desire to learn more and more about the subject of photography until he had exhausted his capacity to learn.  He is still not done.  However, his business and business model is beginning to take shape.

He only books 25 weddings per year.  He’s become well connected and referred within the photographer community of Oklahoma.  He is linked occasionally to other creative ventures or people such as Dusty Gilpin at Tree and Leaf (who, by the way, just designed our RDC T-Shirts).

And, his work is very good.  I invite you to spend some time reviewing his website at your leisure.  I like the background music he’s chosen for his slides, and I like his open and willing communication style when I e-mail him, asking to publish an image for our “Silent Sunday” features.  But I think more than anything today, I like him because he just sent the proofs of my daughter’s engagement photos to her in a slideshow…and because they made me cry.

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