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Meanwhile, Back at the Ranch: What’s the Score?

For the past two weekends, it’s the question I’ve heard over and over again.  What’s the score? I gaze out over our “home field” pondering the answer.

"Today, I gave the dog a bath and my husband did just about everything else."

It’s fall and college football has begun.  Points are a big deal on the football field, but in a household,  score keeping can cause all kinds of interference.  The days are long gone of me listing all of the jobs I completed on any given day.  Today, I gave the dog a bath, and my husband did just about everything else.  Luckily for me, he is not keeping score.  I think I would be behind.

Joe Namath said, “Football is a team game.  So is life.”   Whether you are a husband and wife living in the country or four girls sharing a rental home, living together takes teamwork.   We have just got to remember that we are all playing for the same team.