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On the Horizon: Diverse Learning

I grew up in a very productive agricultural area. Because of that we had a large population of migrant workers. My hometown is predominantly Hispanic as a result. Although this has been the norm for years, there is still a big language gap. Looking back, I wish I would have learned Spanish at a much younger age.

In today’s video blog, we take a look at a school that teaches its students both Spanish and English and the importance of diversity.
Andy Barth

On the Horizon: Words into Actions

My father was a devout man, but far from pious. He had no use for those that sang their hosannas on Sunday and, come Monday, showed little regard for their fellow man. If you are familiar with the scriptures he was a Jamesian, believing “Faith without works is dead” and lived his life accordingly.

When I met the gentleman in this week’s video blog, he reminded of my Dad. We never discussed doctrine or my father, but I came away from the story with an admiration of someone who despite a hectic schedule gives himself to others in their times of greatest need.

I enjoyed doing my story on the paramedic preacher; I hope you enjoy watching it.

~Rob McClendon


On the Horizon: CSI Science Class

When I was in high school, science class was always fun. We would spend our time looking through microscopes and growing mold on bread. And let’s not forget the cool frog and cow heart dissections. Those were definitely fun memories. However, the things I learned in my science classes do not hold a candle to the students we introduce you to in this week’s video blog.

The students in the Biotech program at Southern Oklahoma Technology Center are learning in-depth science techniques that will catapult them into the field of bioscience. From DNA testing to growing cultures, these up and coming scientists are on their way to becoming the best in the industry.

~Andy Barth


On the Horizon: CSI Science Class from Alisa Hines on Vimeo.

On the Horizon: Green Learning

The green energy push has been around now for several years. It seems as though more and more people are moving toward a greener way of living. From individual wind turbines to household solar panels, people are making a conscious effort to help conserve our planet.

Students attending Metro Tech Career Academy in Oklahoma City are getting a firsthand education at what it is like to live green. They recycle, have energy saving lights, and oh yeah, their entire building is made from green materials. In this video blog we take you on a tour of this year-old campus and show you what it is like to live green.

Andy Barth


On the Horizon: Green Learning from Alisa Hines on Vimeo.

On The Horizon: Best Laid Plans

When I had my children, the plan was to spread them out four years apart. In part, to save my own sanity, but also to be able to pay for college one at a time. So much for planning. My oldest started college four years ago; three schools and three majors later…he is still there. This fall my youngest enrolled at OSU giving me two tuition bills. Ouch!

In this week’s video blog, I follow my daughter Geena around as she enrolls and we learn about the high cost of higher education.

~Alisa Hines


On the Horizon: Best Laid Plans from Alisa Hines on Vimeo.