On The Horizon: Best Laid Plans

When I had my children, the plan was to spread them out four years apart. In part, to save my own sanity, but also to be able to pay for college one at a time. So much for planning. My oldest started college four years ago; three schools and three majors later…he is still there. This fall my youngest enrolled at OSU giving me two tuition bills. Ouch!

In this week’s video blog, I follow my daughter Geena around as she enrolls and we learn about the high cost of higher education.

~Alisa Hines


On the Horizon: Best Laid Plans from Alisa Hines on Vimeo.



One thought on “On The Horizon: Best Laid Plans”

  1. Alisa – I can completely relate! However, this past year, we had THREE tuition bills because of my doctoral work. Ugh. I really liked that you included your daughter in the reporting; she did a great job and the information was, I believe, a vital story to tell. Great work!

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